What is Hot in Digital Media?


Digital media marketing is one of the most important elements of marketing in the 21st Century.  Of the seven predictions identified by marketing group Kantar Millward Brown, three predictions stood out as having the greatest impact on consumers in the future.  Adapting to investment options for mobile advertising, content creation by brands, and relationship development have been evolving as necessary survival practices in marketing.

Adaptation is not only a suggestion but critical for survival.  “Brands will invest more heavily in online and especially mobile video advertising in 2016, but many will fail to adapt their content for different ad formats” (Kantar Millward Brown, 2016, p. 5).  A company that fails to adapt to changing technologies and trends will not survive because people will either forget about that company or remember how painfully antiquated the company’s strategy had been.

Consumers do not want to be advertised to because advertising is irritating.  According to Kantar, Millward, and Brown, “More brands are becoming content creators.  As marketing moves from disruption to attraction, content marketing will move up the corporate agenda in 2016” (p. 6).  Consumers respond to content because content seems personalized and less intrusive.  Companies that create content and capitalize on viral content will see success in the changing digital market.

“Marketers will create new consumer journey maps that will unify sales and marketing teams to deliver brand growth” (Kantar Millward Brown, 2016, p. 6). Personalized content that seamlessly integrates across multiple technological devices is a reasonable forecast for digital marketing practices.  Companies that adapt to consumer behaviors and ideas will be able to deliver personalized information through mobile, which will provide further opportunity for brand synthesis.

Martin (2016) states that marketing mistakes are expected but companies should not wait for the right moment to begin marketing through mobile.  In the rapidly changing technological environment, digital media marketing will evolve into a foundation for a company.  Consumers are shopping on mobile right now so brands need to meet the consumers where they already are!


Kantar Millward Brown.  (2016). Digital & Media Predictions 2016.  Retrieved from http://www.millwardbrown.com/mb-global/our-thinking/insights-opinion/articles/digital-predictions/2016/2016-digital-and-media-predictions#introduction

Martin, C. (2013).  Mobile Influence: the new power of the consumer.  New York, NY: Palgrave Macmillan.



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