A Quick Note on Electronic Mediated Communications and Social Media Privacy

The relationship between Electronic Mediated Communications (EMC) and intercultural communications is fascinating because this subject is continually evolving. Beebe, Beebe, and Redmond (2011) define electronically mediated communication (EMC) as “Communication that is not face to face, but rather is sent via a medium such as a cell phone or the Internet” (p. 13) and intercultural communication as Communication between or among people who have different cultural traditions” (p. 97). As society moves deeper into EMC, people will need to develop a new skill set to identify and communicate with different groups online. One aspect of developing new online communication skills is understanding privacy in a world where a quick Google search provides instant access to personal information. The speed at which technology changes is the driving factor behind the right to privacy online.

Finding a balance between private life and social media is an important issue in the twenty-first century. Social media affects a person’s private life so a person should only share the portions of life he or she wants other social media users to know. Deckers and Lacy state (2013), “Share the parts of your life that you feel comfortable sharing, and keep the rest of the stuff private” (p. 34). Information posted online through social media channels is available indefinitely so curating an appropriate image is a skill a person must develop.


Beebe, S. A., Beebe, S. J., & Redmond, M. V. (2011). Interpersonal Communication: Relating to Others (6th ed.). Boston, MA: Allyn & Bacon.

Deckers, E., & Lacy, K. (2013). Branding yourself: How to use social media to invent or reinvent yourself. (2nd ed.). Indianapolis, IN. Que Publishing


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