Consumer Brands on Facebook


(Zero Moderation)

Facebook is the major social media network in the expanding universe of social media.  Every person or company attempting to create a brand should be focusing on this biggest social media channel because the largest audience is using Facebook (Deckers and Lacy, 2013).  Three significant consumer brands that have accessed the power of Facebook are Glutino, Fluevog Shoes, and Baby Banz.  Those with a specialized diet, quirky personalities, and contentious parents are potential consumers who would be visiting the respective Facebook pages. These three brands are reaching a unique audience because these are niche products.


People with Celiac’s Disease need to live a gluten-free lifestyle but can still enjoy baked goods by choosing Glutino products (Glutino, 2015). Glutino is a brand that makes a range of gluten-free foods ranging from pre-packaged snacks to some baking flours. A review of the Glutino Facebook page shows that they are well versed in using Facebook. Glutino offers links to other social media sites including Pinterest and Instagram, which help this product maintain a strong presence online. The Facebook page also has typical links to the company website as well as the option to message the page and post to the page. However, Glutino does not offer many videos about their products. After clicking a few posts and reviewing visitor posts, Glutino appears to be mildly interactive with their audience. The page seems to reply intermittently to positive page comments and does not respond to negative comments. Glutino’s brand personality is sincerity, which is described as, “domestic, honest, genuine and cheerful” (Elmansy, 2015, para. 14). Glutino captures these characteristics in their brand personality by offering articles on gluten-free living in a variety of conventional settings including the workplace, home, school, vacationing, and dining out.

Fluevog Shoes

“Unique Soles for Unique Souls” is the motto of Fluevog Shoes (John Fluevog Shoes, n.d.). Fluevog shoes have a cult following because these finely constructed shoes that people with an uncommon personality find interesting. An examination of the Fluevog Facebook page shows that offers external links to Instagram, Pinterest, and the Fluevog website. The Facebook page has multiple videos demonstrating the solid craftsmanship of these shoes because this is a major selling point for this brand. Fluevog Shoes seems to have minimal interaction with users on their Facebook page. Clicking through posts from the page as well as visitor posts indicated that the page does not respond to users frequently or consistently. Fluevog Shoes brand personality can be best described as excitement. “Excitement, the personalities that are ascribed to this type are: daring, spirited, imaginative and up-to-date” (Elmansy, 2015, para. 15). The type of person who would wear Fluevog Shoes would also embody the characteristics of excitement.

Baby Banz

Protecting children from the elements can be a tough job for parents without the right items, which is why Baby Banz products are an excellent product for children (Banz, 2015). Investigating the available content shows that Banz provides links to their Instagram, blog, and website through apps available on the page. The Shop Now feature is enabled and takes users to the Baby Banz website. The Facebook page is regularly updated but does not have consistency with the linked social media, images, and website that Glutino and Fluevog Shoes provides. Banz would benefit from hiring a social media manager to streamline their Facebook page with their additional accounts. Similar to Glutino and Fluevog Shoes, Banz has limited interaction with Facebook users. Banz seems to respond to visitor posts but does not respond to comments left on page posts. Baby Banz best fits the brand personality of competence, which includes the characteristics of, “reliable, responsible, dependable and efficient” (Elmansy, 2015, para. 16). Parents who travel and need the next level of protection for their children such as hearing protectors and sunglasses would find the quality of Baby Banz meets their needs.

Final Thoughts

Interaction with Facebook users should be a top priority for consumer brands. Content writer for Social Media Examiner Suzanne Delzio (2014) indicates that consumers expect brands to have a social media channel with the ability to reply instantly. “Forty-two percent expect a response in under an hour, 25% in the same day and 9% want it in 5 minutes!” (Delzio, 2014, para. 15). Of the three major brands on Facebook, Glutino has the most interaction with Facebook users while Baby Banz has minimal interaction. Researching the brand personalities, probable target audiences, and content available on each Facebook page shows that Fluevog Shoes knows its audience best, Glutino most likely has a social media manager, and Baby Banz needs to grow its social media presence.


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