8-2 Blog: Multimedia Tools

Multimedia Tools

Multimedia tools are important aspects to crafting and delivering messages in the online environment. Using multimedia effectively is a skill that requires understanding the target audience as well as understanding technology and the Internet. By examining different types of multimedia available to bloggers, a better website can be developed.

Enhancement of Multimedia Messaging

Multimedia enhances messages in a variety of ways. Videos offer people the ability to absorb information while multitasking, music provides an ambient experience, and photographs bridge words with observable dynamics. “Not only will [multimedia] make your posts more visually appealing and interesting, but it also brings on-page SEO benefits that will help your content rank in the SERPs (Smith, 2013, para. 1).

Effectiveness of Multimedia Techniques

Applying multimedia to a website is a skill. Music has the potential to augment the content on a website but can be obnoxious if users cannot turn it off. Photographs are excellent options for displaying messages but can drag down a site for users with a slow Internet connection. Videos are great for people who are limited on time but a recap of the main points should be available for users who might lack speakers or fast Internet.

The most effective types of multimedia are audience specific. When I searching for local photographers, I expect to see photographs. When I am searching for dance or music videos, I expect to see videos as well as audio files. However, if I am searching for information on a government website, I do not want to be bogged down with photographs, music, or videos in an interactive experience. I want the information to be instantly available and I do not want to sift through unnecessary information. Finding the balance between content and enhancement is the skill of applying multimedia to a website.

Multimedia Links

The World’s Worst Website is an excellent example of what not to do on a blog! From obnoxious music to impossible-to-read text the World’s Worst Website should be a starting point for new bloggers. Sarah Neyhart is an example of how multimedia blends with photography to create an ethereal experience for users. CeraVe is a website that neatly packages business information with multimedia effects to provide users with practical facts for purchasing this product.

Final Thoughts

Understanding the finer points of web design is a study within itself. Using multimedia tools is like adding salt while cooking, too much salt and the dish is ruined; too much multimedia can overwhelm the audience. Bloggers should understand the target audience before creating a website and evolve content as the audience develops and grows.


Smith, M. (2013, March 28). Why Multimedia Blog Content Is Good For Your Site. Benchmark. Retrieved from http://www.benchmarkemail.com/blogs/detail/why-multimedia-blog-content-is-good-for-your-site


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