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Best Practices

Belly Dance at Any Size

I am an instructor of Improvisational Tribal Style Belly Dance in the Synchronized Group Improv (SGI) and American Tribal Style® (ATS®) Belly Dance formats. I help women develop the five dimensions of wellness, which are physical, emotional, social, intellectual, and spiritual through belly dance (Whalen, 2012). To learn more about my work with helping women create strong friendships, better self-esteem and self-image, and clearer non-verbal communication skills; visit salemthegoddess.com and Salem the Goddess on Facebook. Belly Dance at Any Size is a blog I have been following since its inception in 2013 because this blog is complimentary to my work as a belly dance instructor.

Best Practices for Appropriate Form, Function, and Substance

Best practices for blogging depends on the type of content found within the blog, however general guidelines can be followed to ensure appropriate form, function, and substance. Taking responsibility for written content should be a general best practice guideline for bloggers. Blogs that host several contributors such as Belly Dance at Any Size should indicate that authors are responsible for the views expressed in their posts. For specific content found on Belly Dance at Any Size serves as a guideline for the entire website. According to the Belly Dance at Any Size Manifesto, “Everyone has a right to move their bodies in a safe and comfortable environment regardless of their age, weight, shape, ability or activity-level” (Belly Dance at Any Size Manifesto, 2013, para. 1). This principle is found throughout each blog post by every author contributing to the site.

Additional best practices should include accountability, transparency, and credibility. Providing the audience with information about sponsorship is integral to creating an environment of readership trust. “We will disclose gifts, comps, samples, and financial relationships with specific businesses if we write about them” (Food Blog Code of Ethics 2.0, 2011, para. 10) is an excellent guideline for best practices. By disclosing sponsorship, readers can determine if the blog aligns with their values and goals.

Best Practices for Belly Dance at Any Size

Belly Dance at Any size has met the best practices guidelines in multiple ways. Each other owns her or his content posted and takes responsibility for what she or he offers to the public. Accountability and transparency are evident in the Sponsorship and Resources pages.

We will not accept ads for products such as diet pills or diet programs, drugs/supplments, multi-level marketing opportunities, exercise equipment, adult supplies/toys, tobacco, alcohol, computer equipment or phones, or anything prohibited by law. The owner of this site reserves the right to refuse any ad for any reason (Sponsor Belly Dance at Any Size, 2013, para. 6).

Resources provides a multitude of links ranging in topics from health to attire and include medical journal publications, instructional DVDs, and books for people to explore. Offering the audience this range of content is important for maintaining a critical attitude toward blogging.

Self-Assessment: Development and Improvement

My blog, Mastery in Communications is intended to be an academic journey into the analysis of computer-mediated communications. After reviewing best practices for bloggers, I see that I can improve on the area of sponsorship. Although I do not have an official sponsor, I should indicate that my blog is a project designed by Southern New Hampshire University to develop my mastery in advanced media literacy for my MA in Communications. My goal is to provide my readers with the collegiate resources in communications that I reference in my posts. By offering my references, I hope my readers gain a better understanding of communications.

Blogger’s Code of Conduct

An official Blogger’s Code of Conduct is a good idea for elevating the art of blogging into a respectable form of information distribution. If an official Blogger’s Code of Conduct existed and I maintained a blog outside of the classroom environment, I would read and follow the Code of Conduct. Adhering to a Blogger’s Code of Conduct is similar to following the Society of Professional Journalists Code of Ethics. I strive to provide accurate and scholarly information in communications because I am passionate about communications.

Final Thoughts

My journey into the mastery of communications is continually evolving as I explore the new and varied methods people use to communicate with each other. A professional code of ethics for blogging is an excellent device for demonstrating transparency, credibility, responsibility, and accountability in the blogosphere. From analyzing Belly Dance at Any Size to my own blogging practices, I increase my knowledge of communicative practices within computer-mediated communication.


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